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          Initiated in 1996, the CSz is an extra-curricular theatre program that teaches its students to hone their communication and theatrical instincts through improv workshops and performances based on the professional ComedySportz format. Interaction, thinking on one's feet, combining team work with individuality, and can-do attitudes are a few of its rewards. 

          Matches are held in a competitive sports format utilizing a referee, complete with zebra stripes and a whistle. Audiences provide suggestions that student teams incorporate into scenes and games. The audience then votes on their favorite team. All matches are fast-paced, unique, and appropriate for all ages. No matter which team loses, the audience always wins.

         Check out the professional ComedySportz shows here.

Match Dates

February 16th @ Taylor

February 23rd @ Houston Christian

March 22nd @ Katy 

March 30th @ Tompkins

April 20th @ Stratford

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